Solving problems at CodersCrowd : Where to Start

Building a programmer reputation at CodersCrowd starts with solving others problems.

We have several programming languages implemented so far, so it is very easy to pick one problem and work on it.

First login to your account. You will be able to see the list of all codes posted on your dashboard.

One important feature is that you can easily pick a subject of your choice from there using the search feature or sorting the list of codes by category and here is an example :

This is an example of what you see when you login


You can sort this by language by clicking on : language


Or you can sort it by status focusing on pending codes which means that the code is not solved yet


Or you can sort by the number of posted solutions


We have some recommendations though :

  • First you need to prioritize your needs, if you want to try to solve while you're learning a new language then sort by language and focus on the one you want
  • Your chance to have the problem holder accept your solution is higher when you target codes with small number of solutions posted
  • Codes locked in the knowledge base are not 'workable' anymore since the problem holders closed them by accepting other solutions, so you may want to visit them to learn more, if you are a hungry coder you may want to focus on the codes with pending status

When you select the code to be fixed, now comes the serious business. Click on the code and hit click here to add solution you will come to a page similar to the one below and that I will describe in details :


  • 1 shows an idea on the problem holder (number of contributions and how many coders he helped)
  • 2 shows some stats about the code posted, in particular hom many coders are engaged with it, how many solutions they posted, and a score to normalize these two metrics in regards to the entire codes with respective solution in the database (in other words, is this code engaging a lot of interactions or not, which is a different way to say that this is a hot topic)
  • 3 If ou want to add your contribution you should hit that red button
  • 4 You have to read carefully the problem posted in order to add a solution that solve that issue
  • 5 Here is a cool way to note the problem solver, by design we decided to make the rating at CodersCrowd useful (no upvoting, no downvoting, which is very subjective), we don't rate the people, we rate the code. So you have several options here to judge how useful is this contribution. Rates go from 1 to 10. Is the problem well documented (the description)? Is it reproducible ? Can you read the code easily (comments, structure...) ? Is the error / problem well described ? How do you judge the code size in regards to the task to be done (smaller codes for big problems are usually smarter) ?
  • 6 This is the list of all contributions, each contributor provides a solution that is different from the original code. Differences are highlighted by this beautiful diff display, green are insertions, red are deletions (heuh ? InDels ?)

Additionnaly below the code you can chat, if you want to add your opinion or long paragraphs.

That's it ! Have Fun !

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