Real Time Programming for Bioinformatics (and for fun)

Are you using CodersCrowd ? No ? You should ! :)
What first started as a side project for me became rapidly something I'm excited to work on. Each time I think of a new feature, I just run and sketch some pros and cons, draw a cartoon and open my editor and let the magic happen.

The application is becoming a real tool, that we should all support as bioinformaticians, because it will be (is) changing the way we work. Why ? Because it is implemented in a way that expose your skills to the crowd, you're like a circus trapezist (without the rescue net), you write code, fearless of exposing your problems to the crowd and looking always to write better readable and reproducible code.

Well ! look no more camarade ! It is right here in your browser, I spent hours designing that tool just for us.

Here are the milestones so far for CodersCrowd

  • First the app was built as a code sharing platform
  • Then I added networking around source code (reinventing social network)
  • I made a giant step by making all these code exchanged by the users runnable, including the most used libraries in Bioinformatics, such as bioperl, biopython, bioconductor (and the most used libraries that I am aware of), thanks to Docker, my dream came true and I developed my Dockerfiles that I kept refining until I got what for me seems to be a reasonable ones for such a project, then I worked with these awesome and very responsive guys at Linode to make things run like a charm, and then I plugged this to what was done already at CodersCrowd !
  • Then and most recently I decided to include some realtime interaction between the users by adding Togetherjs library from Mozilla, and Man ! That looks fantastic and it is working exactly like I imagined it, we now can open team sessions to work on the same code, it can be training sessions, teaching an entire classroom, live code reviewing, and most importantly we will keep learning something new every day !

Here is what the realtime crowd programming look like

CodersCrowd Homepage

Check out this awesome video where I am running a demo with 2 different users in 2 differents browsers.


Feel free to share that video with your buddies, create as much sessions as you want and just keep writing awesome and clean code !

Join the fun



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