Personal Branding : Use Your CodersCrowd public page to show your programming skills

As a registered member at CodersCrowd, you own a public page that is built and updated automatically as you contribute and share codes and knowledge.

Your public profile page is accessible through a link like this one :**<YOUR_USERNAME>**

Which will give you something like this :


Your public page will record your contributions and give your visitors an idea on your skills and interests, it will show statistics about the codes you post (how open you are to the community), the solutions you share ( how knowledgeable you are), points you earn and its rank among coderscrowd users (1 being the top) and finally some statistics about the number of people in your network (coders you help).

Additionally, your visitors will have an idea on the programming languages you frequently use with a number showing how many codes you wrote depending on the tag.

As a member you can also edit your profile and update your information, such as a profile image, a bio, your experience and your publication lists (something similar to LinkedIn if you are familiar with)

You can visit my public profile page to see a demo.

Looking forward to see your page, if you want to share your public profile page, please put it down on the comment section below !

Have fun


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