Introducing the Distraction Free Mode

Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Matt Shirley we added the Distraction Free Mode, which is simply a full screen code writing feature on your browser (it works perfectly on all browser, androids, and less on iOS devices but we are working on it)

This feature is enabled in two cases : When you add a new code / problem, or when you write a contribution to someone else's problem

To activate this feature all you have to do is to click on "DFM" button on top of the editor like shown in the figure below


This will transform your browser into a code editor !


And that's awesome ! To leave the DFM all you have to do is to click on "Turn off DFM"

Have fun !

PS : If you have any idea that you want to see implemented at CodersCrowd You can use our help center to submit it to members votes : all you have to do is write it down here

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