Adding and monitoring a code review process

Adding a code with bugs, for correction or for review is very easy. We tried to design the interface in order to be as intuitive as possible and here is a small tutorial on how to add your code.

First of all, you have to login and you will be directed automatically to your dashboard.
On the top right corner you will find a red button "New Code / Problem" as shown in the figure below :


When you click on this button you will see the form below :


It says it all :

  • Enter your code title, in a way to make people interested in intercating with, remember, CodersCrowd is not a q&a so it is better to take an affirmative tone rather than a question, besides, when the code will be solved it will go directly to a knowledge base so it is better not to have a question as a title.

  • Enter a problem description : be as precise as possible, tell people what your working environment is so that they try to reproduce your bug, and tell them what you did, how you did it and what you expect as output. More importantly, tell them the error output you have

  • Enter your programming language so that your code is highlighted accordingly, and be more precise on the Category

  • Now time to enter your code, simply copy paste your code in the editor

  • If your code contains a bug and you want to find a solution to it, chose "This is a problem to be fixed", otherwise if you are just adding a code that is working and that you want to push directly to the knowledge base, just chose the other option

  • The last option is to choose if you want your problem to be public or not. Some coders want to share their problem with a restricted audience, so this option is for them, what it means is that only the authors and those aware of the URL of the code will have the chance to work on it (something similar with private vides on youtube), this is useful in case you are teaching a class and you want to share a code with sudents, or you are exchanging code with collaborators prior to a publication, or just if you are versionning your code yourself and you want it to be private for a while, until you publish your work. One important thing here, if you accept solutions from contributors, the code will go public on the knowledgebase !

Easy !

Have fun

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